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About Jessica Ebberts

Jessica Ebberts has become a reliable and well know source for information in mens fashion.  She grew up in upstate Vermont as a child and soon moved with her parents to New York in 1984. Her father, who was no slouch in the world of mens apparel, was offered a job that opened Jessica's eyes to the industry. Graduating from High School in 1999, Jessica decided to head off to San Francisco where she would spend the next 4 years at college.

Working at an upscale restaurant and going to school paid off as she soon graduated, receiving her BA in fashion. One of her long time goals was to get back to New York with her Father and work side by side with him at the store she grew up knowing. Unfortunately slow economic times put the store out of business, and her father retired shortly before the store closed its doors for good.

Determined to succeed, Jessica soon found herself at a custom tailor shop just around the corner from the Restaurant she had been working at. Fresh out of school, the owner of  the shop gave her an unforgettable opportunity working directly with customers and local business men who needed formal wear. In 2012, Jessica became involved with, contributing her knowledge of mens accessories and apparel.

Jessica Ebberts