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The Modern Formal Male Blog

  • New Ideas for Cuff Links

    The resurgence of men's "dapper" look has given society a new interest in unique clothing and accessories, especially when it comes to custom cuff links.

    Most of us already know that cuff links appeared for the first time during the 1700's. You or I could argue that the overall design hasn't changed very much since then, but that hasn't stopped its evolution. When we look at the many styles of cool cuff links that are on the market today, the materials, designs and styles that are available are usually the first things we look at. Some will have lightweight, colorful resins, while the others are created in a gem-set, solid gold setting that will make any head turn.

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  • Least Favorite Denim Trends

    Even though the year is almost half over, we can look back on the first several months of fashion and literally shake our heads at some things. In fact, what people have worn over the past few decades could have you scratching your head. Denim has been a clothing statement for a long time but some people have a knack for wearing it the wrong way. We will discuss the men's denim trends that have failed throughout history.

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  • Why Leather Ain't As Good As it Used to Be

    The history and use of leather goes back hundreds of thousands of years. The first people that used leather did so by protecting their bodies with the hides of several different animals during the Ice Age. Using leather as a "by-product" was a common practice back then just like it is today. Our ancestors would kill animals for food and then use the hides for different functions. This cleverness would provide them with footwear, clothing and even housing. There were no major leather fashion trends back then like there are today but leather still offers us the same problems as it did back then. For one, technology did not give our ancestors the knowledge to preserve animal skins and that means rotting would occur every so often.

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  • Men's Dressing Tips for Work: The Do's and Don'ts

    There are plenty of books or articles available to you that will stress the importance of men's dress rules. That same material will probably tell you how damning it would be to your career if you fail to follow a few simple tips. This blog is going to take all those tips and ball them into one short piece of material that you can promptly understand.

    Psychologists have proven that it takes anywhere between 20 and 32 seconds to make a positive or negative impression during work. The same kind of impression can be made during interviews, despite the fact that the interviewer is supposed to remain neutral. Getting great men's dressing tips on proper business attire can play a vital role in getting promotions as well.

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  • Men's Fashion On a Budget: Being Classy and Frugal

    For men to make a good impression, it is important to take certain things into account when it comes to men's clothing and styling. A man should know key fashion tips so that the desire to buy is not met with frustration later on. This is the main reason sticking with a men's fashion budget is a great idea. Even the best clothing loses its effect and glamour after a while. Following these tips will help you out in choosing proper attire so spending large amounts of money doesn't become a habit.

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  • Boxers vs. Briefs: The Great Debate and What It Means For You

    Every woman has wondered what a man is wearing under those pants or shorts: Boxers or briefs? In fact, their minds could've strayed a little further than that. But the fashion industry has more to offer than the tried and true "white rib with interference" that most grandfathers are known for wearing. Some men will fall prey to spurious investigations that allege tighter underwear have potency-reducing effects more so than boxers. The age of knowing the truth about boxers vs briefs fertility has finally come. Now the only thing that is left is to figure out which is best and why.

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  • 10 Things Guys Should Know About Clothing

    There will always be banter floating around when it comes to men's dressing tips. What should go into a man's wardrobe? What shirt and tie goes with which suit? What no-go's are there for men? Guys, we all know that getting good advice is hard these days. But I will try to alleviate some of the stress for you with a few of the common, and not-so-common, men's dress rules that should have you standing out from all the other guys. I will tell you some examples of the fashionable sins you might want to stay away from.

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  • The 19 Biggest Men's Fashion Blunders

    Men hate to admit it, but clothes actually matter sometimes. In the most perfect of worlds, men or women would be judged by who they were and not by who or what they wore. Unfortunately, society doesn't work that way.

    Fashion blunders don't help matters either. How you choose to dress reflects how one feels about certain things throughout the day – job, attitude, charisma and so on. Appearances actually matter! It is best to remember that you don't have to look the most fashionable, just avoid the mistakes listed below and you should have no problem fitting into any crowd.

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  • Tips for Matching Tie and Shirt Colors

    ugly-tieThe matching selection of ties to shirts, for many men, is a challenge, but if you follow a few basic rules, you will quickly find the right balance and harmony of it all. Check out these five basic rules of different combination of patterns and colors:

    Rule 1: The Choice

    The larger the piece of clothing, the more essential and more expensive it is. This means you must first decide which suit you want to wear today. For example, let’s say you are selecting from a dark gray suit or a blue pin-striped suit. For the purpose of this article, we will choose the dark gray suit. Take it out of the closet and put it on the bed. Then choose a shirt that will look nice with the suit. Let’s go with a light blue one.

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  • Tips For Getting Stains Out of Your Suit

    stained-suitOver the past few weeks, I have been throwing out fashion tips left and right on what you should wear and how you should wear it. But, just yesterday, someone asked me about treating stains. A light bulb went off inside my head and I realized we haven’t discussed that topic yet. So, here we are!
    Removing stains from dress clothes can be a serious issue, especially if you have no idea of what you’re doing. Deep stains like grass, soda, coffee, wine and blood can really destroy your suits if you are not careful. Each separate garment has to be treated accordingly and, therefore, it is vital you know each method of cleaning the stain.

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