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10 Things Guys Should Know About Clothing

There will always be banter floating around when it comes to men's dressing tips. What should go into a man's wardrobe? What shirt and tie goes with which suit? What no-go's are there for men? Guys, we all know that getting good advice is hard these days. But I will try to alleviate some of the stress for you with a few of the common, and not-so-common, men's dress rules that should have you standing out from all the other guys. I will tell you some examples of the fashionable sins you might want to stay away from.

Ties, Underwear, Shoes, Collars and Shirts

Every male wants to be well dressed at some point but there may come a time where he needs some basic equipment in his wardrobe. High quality garments that never go out of style can easily be combined to fit any occasion. Most people believe a simple suit can do the job and nothing will go wrong. But we all know that is far from the truth.

  1. Ties are the one men's accessory, when it comes to the classic suit, which can define the whole outfit.
  2. When it comes to underwear, the excitement of the boxers versus briefs saga doesn't end there. Just like women's undergarments, men have a wide array of choices as well – ranging from lace to silk. The point is that the variety is enormous.
  3. Did you know that canvas shoes can be thrown in the washer if they are in need of a good cleaning? That's right! Afterwards, just sit them to the side and let them air dry.
  4. Are you aware that there is more than just one collar type? One of the biggest clauses in men's dress rules comes in the shape of the collar. The hinged collar, button-down collar and leisurely collar are well-known but in the business sector, it is the classic collar shapes that are needed the most.
  5. You should have a handful of perfect shirts in your wardrobe. Although the shirt usually disappears under a jacket, you still want a good shirt on just in case. The three big "W's" are: What color, What collar and Which section. Answer all of these questions right and you will have the perfect shirt.

Overcoats, Jackets, Faded Jeans, Sweaters and the term "Bespoke"

The world is rough enough without have to worry about if you are "fashionably correct" or not. If you are the type of person that isn't sure about certain fashion criteria or has been called inept by your friends and family, read on to see what valuable information can be used.

  1. If you wear an overcoat, it should be slim enough to cover the shoulders but loose enough to the point you can still wear your suit jacket underneath.
  2. Have you ever noticed that button on the inside of your double-breasted jacket and wondered why it was there? It's actually supposed to keep the "breasts" hooked together.
  3. Faded jeans actually have technical terms – seriously. "Whiskering" refers to the fading around the crotch area and "crocking" refers to the bleeding of dyes off the fabric. Confused? Don't hold your breath because there are several more terms.
  4. One of the best men's dressing tips I can give you is to never throw your sweaters into a washing machine, yet alone a dryer. It will ruin them.
  5. If you have ever heard the term "bespoke" when it comes to clothing, it means that the article of clothing has been tailored to fit you from start to finish.