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Boxers vs. Briefs: The Great Debate and What It Means For You

Every woman has wondered what a man is wearing under those pants or shorts: Boxers or briefs? In fact, their minds could've strayed a little further than that. But the fashion industry has more to offer than the tried and true "white rib with interference" that most grandfathers are known for wearing. Some men will fall prey to spurious investigations that allege tighter underwear have potency-reducing effects more so than boxers. The age of knowing the truth about boxers vs briefs fertility has finally come. Now the only thing that is left is to figure out which is best and why.

In most cases, this question seems too comfortable to be a decisive one. For the majority of men, underwear must be comfortable in the first place. So that means the boxers vs briefs issue is over, right? Wrong. It's never that simple. Some men regard boxers as too conservative and cautious. They are often referred to as clothing for "mama's boy" and are notorious for changes.

Some men believe that the tighter the garment, the more sexuality and masculinity that is emphasized. It does give off a sense of confidence but there must be a middle ground here and that is where the trend of so-called boxer briefs came into play. This style of clothing is a mix of the two – narrow shorts with the snugness of briefs. These have grown in popularity since their inception and have outrun the boxers. The battle of the boxers vs briefs may be coming to an end.

There is one thing that will always play in the boxers vs briefs fertility war and that is what women think. Women have a significant impact on the choice of underwear men use. The years that the man spent being conditioned by mom should not be ruled out because it is a key aspect that should not be underestimated. If a mother put her son in white cotton briefs for most of his childhood, the probability is pretty high that he will continue to do the same due to years of habituation.

Men usually remain loyal in their patterns but there are cases later on in life where girlfriends or wives can take direct or indirect influence. Making small subtle remarks about the design or style may or may not be successful. If it isn't, the wife or girlfriend will take things into their own hands and simply buy the man whatever they think they should have.

The boxer and briefs saga will live on for a while because so many men and women have so many preferences on what is right for them and what isn't. To put it plainly, it is all about comfort and that is something that will never change.

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