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Least Favorite Denim Trends

Even though the year is almost half over, we can look back on the first several months of fashion and literally shake our heads at some things. In fact, what people have worn over the past few decades could have you scratching your head. Denim has been a clothing statement for a long time but some people have a knack for wearing it the wrong way. We will discuss the men's denim trends that have failed throughout history.

Distressed Denim: Shredded and torn denim is never a good look past a couple of months. Yes, this fad look will come back every decade for a few months to rear its ugly head but why would anyone want to wear a pair of jeans that could fall apart at any moment? Even though Rihanna made it look good doesn't mean everyone else can.

Bleached Out: People are very susceptible to denim fashion trends and the bleached-out, 80-style's trend happens to be one for the ages. You can try the subtle look or the bleach-splattered look but this fashion style needs to stay in the past.

Double Denim: It seems that the 80's are setting the mark when it comes to men's denim trends. This style is one that very few people can pull off. Kanye West tries to do it every now and then, but even he can't win the battle. In some cases, he will rock a triple denim look – vest, jean jacket and pants. You cannot be more 80's than that!

The Never-ending Skinny: Super skinny jeans on a man just doesn't look right, no matter who you are.

Denim Shirts: This slightly western style denim shirt trend has never been a fashionable one. David Beckham tried to make a statement but it never was a loud one. He even tried the double denim look for a while but he knew that wasn't working as well. Some things are better left alone.

Low Rise: With denim fashion trends, perception is 9/10 of everything. Just because they call jeans low rise doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear your jeans around your ankles. Low rise jeans can be a great fashion statement if they are worn properly. For instance, women love their low rise jeans and they wear them the way they are designed to be worn. Some men, on the other hand, will wear a belt on their jeans, and yet, they are still around their knees. Is this a fashion statement? Of course it is! It's also not the way denim is supposed to be worn.

Over-Ripped: Whether it is today's denim shirt trend or yesteryears, pre-worn styles are in. But you should never get out of hand with this fashion statement. Your denim can still look great but remember that some designers like to go over the top when it comes to ripping their denim.

Denim is an article of clothing that every man owns at least one of. That being said, there are plenty of guys that are committing atrocities against jeans. It's best if you just take your time and be fashionably smart when it comes to choosing and wearing your denim.