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Men's Dressing Tips for Work: The Do's and Don'ts

There are plenty of books or articles available to you that will stress the importance of men's dress rules. That same material will probably tell you how damning it would be to your career if you fail to follow a few simple tips. This blog is going to take all those tips and ball them into one short piece of material that you can promptly understand.

Psychologists have proven that it takes anywhere between 20 and 32 seconds to make a positive or negative impression during work. The same kind of impression can be made during interviews, despite the fact that the interviewer is supposed to remain neutral. Getting great men's dressing tips on proper business attire can play a vital role in getting promotions as well.

The "Do's" of Business Attire

Men's dress rules will vary accordingly to the position he holds. However, no matter what position one is applying for, a gentleman must always wear a suit for the interview. So it shouldn't matter whether the job is for an office setting position or an outdoor job, men should always wear a suit for the interview!

Always wear a gray, navy or black suit that fits you. Never wear a suit that is too small or too large and never stray from these colors. You should never walk into your job setting wearing a red or yellow suit, even if you own the place – it is in poor taste. Wear a light colored long sleeve shirt as well. If at all possible, have your shirts pressed or ironed. Your jacket and pants should be made of the same material and color as well.

Wearing conservative ties are a must. Ensure that the tie is knotted properly as loose knots look very poor. If you decide to not wear a tie, make sure you only have one or two buttons unbuttoned on your shirt – no more. Try wearing brown or black dress shoes instead of tennis shoes. Make sure they are shined as well. Wear clean clothes. Yes, this has to be stressed. Empty your pockets, for the most part. You don't want bulging or jingling pockets. Wear traditional fabrics – meaning no leather or satins.

The "Don'ts" of Business Attire

Not wearing the right business attire can cripple your chances of promotion, or worse. It is high time you get a few men's dressing tips that can save your job, and possibly your career. Below are a few mistakes in the professional world that you should try to stay away from.

Never wear bright, loud colors on the job. Examples of these are purples, reds and greens. Wearing items like t-shirts and jeans are not smart either – even on "Casual Friday." We all love our sports teams, but wearing clothing with our team's logo or emblem on them is a huge mistake. In fact, stay away from designer labels as well.

When it comes to accessories, it is best to stay away from them as much as possible. If you wear rings, one is enough. No body piercings are allowed unless they cannot be seen. One rule that is very easy to remember is the no earrings, chains or necklace rule. If you have sunglasses or a hat on, take it off as well.

Following these simple rules might seem like a tough task to accomplish at first, but it is very easy to get the hang of after a couple of days.