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Men's Fashion On a Budget: Being Classy and Frugal

For men to make a good impression, it is important to take certain things into account when it comes to men's clothing and styling. A man should know key fashion tips so that the desire to buy is not met with frustration later on. This is the main reason sticking with a men's fashion budget is a great idea. Even the best clothing loses its effect and glamour after a while. Following these tips will help you out in choosing proper attire so spending large amounts of money doesn't become a habit.

One of the first steps in affordable men's fashion is knowing how to buy dress shirts that fit properly. The easiest way to save money is to measure your neck and sleeve lengths before buying clothing. Since the weight of a man can change over time, these measurements should be re-done from time to time – especially when you notice the shirts do not fit anymore. The sleeves should cover the wrist bone plus an inch. One of the best pieces of men's fashion advice a person will ever receive is that you should always wash the shirt before wearing it. There are so many people who think that just because clothing comes off the rack, it is clean.

When it comes to wearing a suit, trousers can be over the hip or below it but it should never sit on the hip. You should also ensure that the pants are not too tight, which can best be determined when sitting. Pants without pleats should sit about two inches below the navel. Pleated trousers hide the man's stomach and therefore sit higher on the waist. Using simple tips like this can help determine men's fashion budget no matter the amount.

Materials of ties should be made of wool, silk or cashmere, but they can also be made of cotton, linen, or blends of these fibers. Relevant men's fashion advice can be found on the small label usually on the thinner end. The material must not be a question of price, because silk ties can be bought fairly cheap these days. To test the quality of silk ties, you can slide your fingers down the fabric. Pure silk will cause your fingers to get stuck on the fabric, while synthetic materials are smooth.

Sometimes affordable men's fashion comes down to well-fitting shoes. A man should put the shoe on with the heel firmly against the back of the shoe, while retaining a bit of leeway for the instep and toes. If the shoes feel a little too tight, take a half or whole size larger and fill the space possibly with insoles. Men with big feet should avoid thick soles, as these shoes appear larger. During the fitting, you should always wear socks. If in doubt, grab the thicker socks so you know that the shoes will not be tight later on.

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