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New Ideas for Cuff Links

The resurgence of men's "dapper" look has given society a new interest in unique clothing and accessories, especially when it comes to custom cuff links.

Most of us already know that cuff links appeared for the first time during the 1700's. You or I could argue that the overall design hasn't changed very much since then, but that hasn't stopped its evolution. When we look at the many styles of cool cuff links that are on the market today, the materials, designs and styles that are available are usually the first things we look at. Some will have lightweight, colorful resins, while the others are created in a gem-set, solid gold setting that will make any head turn.

Fashion's Two-Cents

Fashion is one thing that is constantly shifting in society and it filters all the way down to cuff links. The return of snappy dressing and sharp tailoring has people looking for an edge, even in the arena of custom cuff links. In fact, the signet ring has made a huge comeback and that, in itself, is saying something.

The one thing about today's fashionable world is that there are so many avenues one can choose. For instance, today's younger generations choose to wear a jacket and t-shirt, without the tie, to work. Even then, a unique pair of cuff links would be ideal. Many demographics will show you that music has an influence on what people wear. In men's fashion, current celebrities play a huge role in what guys wear and the dapper look is going well.

Out with the Traditional and in with the Unique

So what does all this mean? Plainly, it means manufacturers are looking to innovate the best way they can to bring in the younger generation. Cool cuff links have become more creative and playful to ensure an admirer looks twice. The less traditional cufflinks are, the more unusual and quizzical pieces people will see. Designs have become a lot more experimental, in terms of materials and size. Perspex and resin are on the rise, as well as bespoke creations, race car designs and carved stones.

Other design motifs that are popular today include: bi-planes, lacewing insects, seahorses, penguins, jelly beans and skulls with moving jaws. There is even a USB cufflink on the market that actually holds data!

You may be wondering what is next after these types of designs are considered the "norm." Most manufacturers know they have to keep products fresh along with keeping their eyes on new accessories or routes so their brand succeeds. One great example of this would be coming out with a cufflink that has mechanical and moving parts. It is expected that many major cufflink designers come out with more than a hundred new cufflinks each season.

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More Cufflink Options

Here are a few more unique options to choose from:

  1. Thumbs-Up
  2. Star Wars
  3. Lighter
  4. Steampunk
  5. Mix Tape
  6. QR Code
  7. Watch
  8. Power Standby
  9. Bicycle
  10. Nuts & Bolts
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