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The 19 Biggest Men's Fashion Blunders

Men hate to admit it, but clothes actually matter sometimes. In the most perfect of worlds, men or women would be judged by who they were and not by who or what they wore. Unfortunately, society doesn't work that way.

Fashion blunders don't help matters either. How you choose to dress reflects how one feels about certain things throughout the day – job, attitude, charisma and so on. Appearances actually matter! It is best to remember that you don't have to look the most fashionable, just avoid the mistakes listed below and you should have no problem fitting into any crowd.

Fashion Mistakes Men Make- This article features a list of the tops fashion designers and their opinions on how to avoid making critical fashion mistakes.

Tip #1- Knots and collars aren't created equal no matter what you may think. Some are wide and some are narrow, while others are in between. Make sure you tie matches the collar you are wearing.

Tip #2- You will look silly if your jacket and shirt aren't the same length. When choosing a shirt, make sure it doesn't go a half-inch past your wrist. With jackets, the sleeves should never go past your wrist.

Tip #3- Wearing a rubber sole shoe is something that you probably would have done as a kid. Leather soles are definitely a better way to go.

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Tip #4- The way a jacket fits on a man can set the tone for his whole look. Often times, men will wear jackets that are much wider than their shoulders. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Jackets should fit on the shoulders perfectly.

Tip #5- Some men have a tendency to button the bottom button on their suit jacket. You should never do this. For one, it will loosen the buttons up and possibly rip the jacket. Another reason is that it just looks too uncomfortable.

Tip #6- Patterns may be popular right now but that doesn't mean your whole wardrobe should consist of stripes or checkers.

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Tip #7- Wearing brass buttons doesn't scream professional. Try to stay away from suit jackets that have these.

Tip #8- If you are wearing light socks with a dark suit, then something is wrong. Remember that your socks should always be darker than the suit.

Tip #9- Don't "over-pleat" yourself. A single pleated pair of pants is the way to go today but anything more than that is overdoing it.

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Tip #10- Short jean cut-offs never look great on any man.

Tip #11- Hoodies might have been popular in the Middle Ages, but they are being banned everywhere you turn today. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber may wear them to hide from the paparazzi but there aren't many other things that this article of clothing is good for.

Tip #12- White or colored jeans, like the ones that Russell Brand is famous for wearing, should only be worn by women.

Celebrity Fashion Icons- Take some fashion tips from these celebrity fashion icons.

Tip #13- Wearing a waistcoat over a t-shirt is a huge fashion blunder.

Tip #14- The only time you should wear "flip-flops" is at the beach, pool or at home. Never wear them out in public.

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Tip #15- Mandals, otherwise known as men who wear sandals with socks, is another huge men's fashion mistake. Even though it is huge across the pond, American's should stick to doing it sockless.

Tip #16- Men should never, ever wear Capri pants. They are designed for women and women alone.

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Tip #17- No matter how sexy a man is, wearing a speedo will not make him any sexier. Leave the undergarments at home where they belong.

Tip #18- Tracksuits should be left on the track. They aren't designed for wearing out in public.

Tip #19- Baseball caps might seem like a logical choice for everyday wear but they aren't. In fact, the only reason to wear one would be when you are going to a game or you are covering up your hair loss. Other than that, they would be a fashion faux pas.

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