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Tips For Getting Stains Out of Your Suit

stained-suitOver the past few weeks, I have been throwing out fashion tips left and right on what you should wear and how you should wear it. But, just yesterday, someone asked me about treating stains. A light bulb went off inside my head and I realized we haven’t discussed that topic yet. So, here we are!
Removing stains from dress clothes can be a serious issue, especially if you have no idea of what you’re doing. Deep stains like grass, soda, coffee, wine and blood can really destroy your suits if you are not careful. Each separate garment has to be treated accordingly and, therefore, it is vital you know each method of cleaning the stain.

For the most part, if you spill something on your suit and catch it quickly enough, you can throw it in a washing tub. Yes, you can actually wash most formal wear by hand and in a washing machine these days. Of course, if it says “dry clean only” then you want to make sure you adhere to those directions. However, we will walk through the washing tub and machine processes first:

  1. Remember that you want to wash your suit by itself. This is very important. Fill the washing tub with cold or lukewarm water. Make sure the water does not go above 86 degrees in Fahrenheit.
  2. Pour one cup of very mild detergent into the tub. This should be just enough to clean the formal wear
  3. Ensure that the detergent is distributed evenly in the water. You can do this by taking your hands, gyrating in the water.
  4. Now you can place your dress clothes in the tub. Push the clothing under until it has permeated with the water.
  5. With your hands, you can knead the fabric loose. Light stains dissolve by itself after a certain amount of time. You may need to rub the fabric at critical points with your hands. It is important that you do not scrub the suit with a rough sponge or the like so as not to damage the surface of the fabric. In colorfast fabrics you can carefully remove the stain with a washcloth.
  6. After cleansing, hang your suit on hangers ensuring that they are smooth as possible and leave it in the shower, so they can drip dry.

Not all stains can be removed using this method. For stubborn stains, you can clean the suit using the gentle cycle for delicate fabrics of your washing machine. For delicate fabrics, you should leave the cleaning to an expert. This is where dry cleaning plays a major part in keeping your suits looking new. It is better to take care of your old suit than to buy a brand new one.

There are plenty of suits being made these days that can be washed in washing machines. This includes very sensitive materials like silk. Here are some tips on using the washing machine to clean your suits:

  1. Always use cold water and a mild detergent.
  2. Set the washing machine on the lowest spin cycle possible and complete and full cycle.
  3. After the cycle is complete, hang your suit on a clothes hanger to ensure it dries properly.

There you have it! No matter the stain, you can defeat it by using the simple tips. Of course, there are some stains that you want to have professionals handle. If you are unsure how to handle your suit, it is best you take it to a dry cleaning professional. Until next time, stay sharp!

Image credit: Puchie_D