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Tips for Matching Tie and Shirt Colors

ugly-tieThe matching selection of ties to shirts, for many men, is a challenge, but if you follow a few basic rules, you will quickly find the right balance and harmony of it all. Check out these five basic rules of different combination of patterns and colors:

Rule 1: The Choice

The larger the piece of clothing, the more essential and more expensive it is. This means you must first decide which suit you want to wear today. For example, let’s say you are selecting from a dark gray suit or a blue pin-striped suit. For the purpose of this article, we will choose the dark gray suit. Take it out of the closet and put it on the bed. Then choose a shirt that will look nice with the suit. Let’s go with a light blue one.

Now it’s time to choose your tie. We already know that the light blue shirt looks great with the dark gray suit but we have all these ties and no decision in sight. With this color combination, a red wine or dark orange-colored tie would be perfect. Yes, these may seem a little bright but you definitely want to stand out.

Rule 2: Patterned with Un-patterned

When suits are patterned, the other should be as well. So if the suit is striped or checkered, then you wearing a monochromatic shirt will be important as well.

For instance, you want to wear a large blue patterned plaid jacket. You must select a single color such as light blue shirt or a very small patterned plaid shirt. As for the tie, since the suit pattern dominates the whole look, you need to choose a single color tie. Take a solid color tie, maybe a covered dark shade of red. The combination fits great.

Rule 3: Large Patterns with Small Patterns

Let’s say you choose a dark blue-colored suit. The best scenario will be to choose a blue/white narrow striped dress shirts. As a solid-colored tie fits naturally, a wide striped tie would make the suit seem even better. Plainly put, if you have small stripes on the jacket, you will definitely want large stripes on the tie.

Rule 4: Harmony and Contrast

Be neither the "gray mouse" nor the "colorful parrot". You want to be the perfect color combination in the middle. If there is too much harmony, then your suits will look boring and if you opt for too much contrast, you quickly become the “Prince of the Carnival.” It all depends on the correct color mixing. It is also a question of your type, whether you should use more contrast or more color harmony. If you have a dark blue jacket with a rose-colored dress shirt, which brings enough contrast, a blue stripe tie with small pink stripes is perfect solution to start with.

Now that you have some thoughts on where to start under your belt, you are ready to get out there and brave the world with your new fashion sense. Just remember that fashion is what you make of it. It is all a learning process and I am with you all the way! Until next time, stay sharp!

Image credit: candescent