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Why Leather Ain't As Good As it Used to Be

The history and use of leather goes back hundreds of thousands of years. The first people that used leather did so by protecting their bodies with the hides of several different animals during the Ice Age. Using leather as a "by-product" was a common practice back then just like it is today. Our ancestors would kill animals for food and then use the hides for different functions. This cleverness would provide them with footwear, clothing and even housing. There were no major leather fashion trends back then like there are today but leather still offers us the same problems as it did back then. For one, technology did not give our ancestors the knowledge to preserve animal skins and that means rotting would occur every so often.

Many people have at least one leather accessory or two. This is because of its high durability and beauty. Even though leather will cost you, people tend to still open their wallets even though many do not know exactly what leather is, how it's made or how its produced for certain items. Leather, and the uses for it, has dated back to pre-historic times and its contribution to mankind cannot be ignored.

So, why has alternatives to leather popped up? Items like "pleather" have made a name for itself because of its cost-effectiveness and the fact that it is eco-friendly. But is it better than the real thing? Leather fashion trends all over the world lean toward leather being just as strong as it ever was even though all odds are against it.

Great quality leather is more pliant and feels much softer than fabricated, otherwise known as synthetic alternatives to leather. However, real leather can be scratched or marked up easily compared to fake leather. Cleaning is also very different between the two. Synthetic leather is much easier to clean because it doesn't absorb spills and dirt like real leather will. This is because fake leather isn't porous like its counterpart. If you plan on wearing leather in the summer or hot months, you might want to choose real over synthetic because it breathes. Cost is a major disadvantage between the two as real leather is expensive. In some cases, the price difference can be triple or quadruple. So, as you can see, both have pros and cons.

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Leather is being used in many household articles these days, including jackets, clothes, shoes and so on. Winter clothing is a great example of how leather can benefit a person whether it is synthetic or real. It is up to you on which one goes best with your lifestyle. Both have great advantages as well as disadvantages.